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After logging long hours on the ice together while filming the series, the duo heated things up with an off-rink romance. An energy creature emerges from the rift in space-time and wreaks havoc."We're very happy," Swanson said in a recent interview.... If one calamity doesn't destroy the world, the other will.Based on that silver medal finish, Fox may already be plotting Skating with Celebrities 2. " WORLD PREMIERE: Saturday, June 10, at 9/8C And from a Sci-Fi Wire interview with Kristy: Kristy Swanson, star of SCI FI Channel's upcoming original movie Black Hole, told SCI FI Wire that the movie required her to run around, fly in helicopters and drive an SUV—but none of it was as difficult as the technobabble she had to utter.

It's not the kind of language you speak normally every day. Judd was very good at it, but me, I struggled with that a bit, and so did David Selby.Actress Kristy Swanson and Olympic skater Lloyd Eisler are expecting their first child together.While the couple insist they didn't begin dating until December, their romance caused a scandal when Canadian Eisler left his pregnant wife Marcia O'Brien in November - a month before she gave birth to their second child.Their romance blossomed on the show, whilst the 43-year-old Olympic figure skater was married and his wife was expecting their second child together.Eisler and his wife separated in November 2005 and were later divorced.

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    They seem to balance on the patience and feelings of each other, testing the strength of their feelings, and to some extent, have their breath taken away; dizzy from positive and negative emotions engulfing them.