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But yeah, I live a very normal life, I drive a Prius, I was in Victoria’s Secret shopping for panties yesterday just like any other girl! Denise Vasi came from a successful modeling career.And please believe she's heard y'all talking about the horrible acting skills and story lines and writing on her show "Single Ladies." But the actress says she deals with it by saying "F*ck the critics" and keeping it moving.

The audition process was a lot and I got to spend a good amount of time meeting my producers, my showrunner, my writer, my director, and everyone was just really nice, and everyone at VH1 was really nice, and we all spoke about our ideas and our wishes of how we’d like to see things go.I miss my friend, because Stacey and I are friends as well, before we came to the show and after.So as a fellow actor, as an artist, of course I miss the chemistry that she and I have.She's booked jobs for Bobbi Brown and Oil of Olay cosmetics, among others, and has appeared on magazine covers all over the world.Deciding to dive head first into acting, she scored roles on Law & Order: Criminal Intent and in several films, including When in Rome with Kristen Bell and The Good Guy with Alexis Bledel.

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