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Other Chinese people supply the countless underwear shops that are run by Egyptians.For the Chinese dealers, this is their window into Egypt, and they live on lingerie time. But nothing compares with Valentine’s Day, so this year I celebrated the holiday by saying goodbye to my wife, driving four hours to Asyut, and watching people buy underwear at the China Star shop until almost midnight.He wasn’t bothered when I mentioned Valentine’s Day—some devout Muslims believe that the holiday should not be celebrated.But I couldn’t find a tactful way to learn more about the women.Usually, it’s only women in the shop, and often they buy the lightweight, form-fitting dresses that Chinese dealers refer to as , or “casual clothes.” No Upper Egyptian woman would wear such garments in public, but it’s acceptable at home.This is one reason that the market for clothing is so profitable: Egyptian women need two separate wardrobes, for their public and their private lives.Usually, they also acquire a third line of clothing, which is designed to be sexy.The two women in niqabs quickly found two items that the sheikh approved of: matching sets of thongs and skimpy, transparent nightgowns, one in red and the other in blue.

When we chatted, he said that he monitors mosques for the Ministry of Religious Endowments.

There are see-through tops decorated with plastic gold coins that dangle from chains.

Brand names include Laugh Girl, Shady Tex Lingerie, Hot Love Italy Design, and Sexy Fashion Reticulation Alluring.

Days start late, and nights run long; they ignore the Spring Festival and sell briskly after sundown during Ramadan. China Star is situated next to the Ibn al-Khattab Mosque, and not long before the first call sounded for sunset prayer a sheikh arrived at the shop.

He was tall and fat, with strong, dark features, and he wore a brilliant blue galabiya, a carefully wrapped turban, and a pair of heavy silk scarves. The sheikh planted himself at the entrance of the shop while the women searched purposefully through the racks and the rows of mannequins.

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