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As fisting can be emotionally intense for both giver and receiver, partners may want to have some quiet time together afterwards.Fisting is considered low risk for sexually transmitted infections.It is possible for fisting to cause larger tears or damage to the vagina or anus/rectum.This is rare, but it can be serious or even life-threatening.It’s important for the receiver to let the giver know if they feel any pain or discomfort Once inside, even the slightest movement can be very intense for the receiver.Gentle movements, including twisting of the hand, can feel good.However, fisting can sometimes create tears in the lining of the vagina or rectum, which increases the chances of getting or passing an STI.

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Gloves will also protect the vagina or rectum from bacteria that can live under the fingernails.

The receiver relaxing their muscles, or using their muscles to push on the hand, can help the giver to pull their hand out.

It may take time and more lube, but the muscles will relax – the giver should not force it.

The giver should start with gentle penetration using one or more fingers.

Plenty of lubrication should be used along the entire hand, from fingertips to wrist.

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