Flinders petrie dating method

Petrie was privately educated, developing archaeological interests early in life. She encouraged the intellectual pursuits of her son, teaching him at home, and introducing him to the Hebrew, Latin, and Greek languages.

This work allowed him to determine by mathematical computations the unit of measurement for the construction of the monument.

His meticulous and systematic style of research soon made him famous.

Because he was no longer working for the Egypt Exploration Fund, Petrie relied on his own resources and the sponsorship of Jesse Haworth and Martyn Kennard, two wealthy archaeology enthusiasts, to continue his excavations.

Archeologists had to seek funds, or work for societies that raised money for excavations in Egypt.

Having accomplished such impressive work at Giza, Petrie was recommended to the Egypt Exploration Fund (later the Egypt Exploration Society), who needed an archaeologist in Egypt to succeed Édouard Naville.

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