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Last year, Hoda announced on her Sirius XM show that she had moved in with her boyfriend, Joel Schiffman. Hoda was previously married, but has no other children.It’s certain Hoda will be turning to her best example for her new role: her own mother, whom she describes as “among the strongest, most optimistic people I’ve ever met, because she believes anything is possible." RELATED: Hoda Kotb: 'My mom makes me believe anything is possible' Hoda told her co-workers that her mother just arrived at her home a few days ago, greeting her daughter with, "Hi little Haley. " Hoda called her mother strict, but always steadfast in her support for her children.Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda, 52, help wake America up every morning, giving viewers some extra joy before they head out to work or prepare for their days.Whether they're sipping on wine or bickering about the latest trends, the duo always bring a smile to people's faces.Neither ever said anything bad about each other following their split; instead, they emphasized the love and respect they felt for each other. But that didn't stop fans from feeling sorry for one of their favorite morning show hosts. “If I looked up at every sporting event, my mom was sitting there,” Hoda recalled in a Mother’s Day tribute.“Every crummy basketball game, every JV whatever, every time I rode the bench — there she was.

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please come on she does look italian american or even Irish american im the last one who would say about ethnic or exotic people that they look white but here im sure she does look white Log in to Reply Sub-Saharan Africans who are racially black and Egyptians who are racially Middle Eastern/Eurasian/North African, are both geographically African.Hoda to me looks like a modern day Nubian, who are dark skinned but have more Eurasian ancestry as well as indigenous Africans.Berbers are indigenous Africans of the North but are genetic siblings of Sub Saharans (y dna E1b1b and E1B1a), who moved south due to climate changes. North Africans(Berbers) are not genetically Sub-Saharan African. She probably has Sub-Saharan African ancestry mixed in with Arab.She was sitting there, saying, ‘That was an amazing shot!show fourth hour co-anchor, it feels extra sweet that she now has a baby girl, Haley Joy Kotb, to call her own.

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