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"Then he suddenly became king, and had to promise the people to be a loving father.

It was a totally unreasonable promise that he stood and gave in the state room." Mr Sjöberg, a leading interviewer and investigative journalist, originally decided to look into the rumours of a dark private life that had long been muttered in Swedish society – enlisting the help of researcher Tove Meyer and former social worker Deanne Rauscher.

"For the royal court to handle the issue like kindergarten behaviour, without responsibility is very serious".

Indeed, the allegations that the king frequented Mafia-run clubs and used the state police to hide the evidence are extremely serious.

Five months ago, the Swedish royal family was the toast of Europe.

Together they set about lifting the veil of secrecy that hung over the palace.

"That was what I originally wanted to find out: how could such a young king handle a role he has not been allowed to grow into? It was Ms Rauscher who interviewed many of the women who had been involved with the King.

The book's authors, Thomas Sjöberg, Tove Meyer and Deanne Rauscher, spent two years unpicking the complicated story behind the throne.

"He was only 27 when he took office, in the midst of his bachelor years, with girls, booze and 'the lads'," they wrote.

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