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As expected, the people whose behavior was mimicked found their partner more likeable and their interaction to have gone more smoothly. Pick an activity that gets the heart rate up People misattribute their emotions all the time.However, this study revealed a very important caveat. So while you’re sipping your coffee with your date, take note of their posture. But would you believe that in situations where you are physiologically aroused you’re more likely to interpret that as sexual attraction? Sexual attraction occurs more often while strong emotions are felt, and Dutton and Aron (1974) reveal that this strong emotion could even be anxiety.In their study, a participant was paired up with a partner to complete a task together.They were asked to take turns describing to their partner what they saw in a set of photographs.Have you ever watched those online dating commercials and wondered if those couples were real?Well not only are they real but we have one of their Real NYC Weddings right here on Merci New York!However, unknown to the participants, their partner was a “confederate” (i.e., someone who was in on the experiment) who was trained in how to act and behave.In one condition, this confederate subtly mimicked their partner’s behavior—shaking their foot, touching their face, smiling, and so on.

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An attractive female approached adult men while they were crossing a bridge and asked them to complete a quick questionnaire.After completing the questionnaire, the woman wrote her name down on a piece of paper, tore it off, and handed it to the man, inviting him to call her if he wanted to talk about the study further.What the researchers manipulated in this study was the type of bridge the men were walking across at the time.So let the beverage do the work for you and take your date for hot coffee or cocoa.They’ll likely see you as more warm and friendly as a result. Mimic your date’s behavior Researchers Chartrand and Bargh (1999) have shown how mimicry of posture, expressions, and mannerisms can influence how much you like another person.

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