Remove active directory from this computer without updating forest metadata

We just shut it down and replace with the new one, because mostly we have no system state backup of the old Domain Controller.Everything looks fine for us, we have no failed DC in a network.If a domain controller that is damaged and cannot be started from Active Directory service, we can then use NTDSUTIL to clean out the unsuccessful domain controller demotion, and it is very important that you do so.This will solve problems with slow login in domain controller, replication as well as knowledge Consistency Checker (KCC).

Then we do not think about consequences from removing failed DC from network.This process of removing data in AD DS is known as Metadata Cleanup.NTDSUTIL is used to clean up domain controller metadata.Here, KTM-DC01-2K8.server is a failed domain controller, which we want to remove.To do this, we will use the NTDSUTIL command line tool.

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